Music Precedent houses a full production commercial recording facility. We have done everything from simple midi tracks to full orchestra. We can do multi-track remotes, live to two-track, mixing, mastering, etc.


When we say professional, we mean an experienced staff who are not just engineers, but great musicians as well. We believe in starting on time and working proficiently to maximize your session. We offer “pre-production” help so your projects are done efficiently, gaining the best possible sound without wasting resources. Professional also means that our equipment is well-maintained, the environment is warm and inviting, and you’ll never be surprised at how different it sounds when you get home.


Our Charles Walter grand piano, hand made in the United States by the Walters family, is an incredible instrument. The tone records beautifully; it’s rich, pure and sweet. The touch is responsive and consistent. It’s a piano player’s dream!


This is not your friend’s home studio! If you’ve tried to record in someone’s bedroom, living room or basement, then you know what we mean. The “sound” of the room is a major factor in the quality of the recording. Our room is tight and controlled, adding warmth and “fatness” to the sound. The 3-foot thick walls ensure the neighbor’s dog barking and airplanes flying overhead don’t leak into your tracks only to cause problems in the final mix.

Our rates include the entire studio, all equipment, and the engineer. They do not include CDs or other materials.
$100 per hour (1 hour minimum)
$700 per day (8 consecutive hours)
$3000 per week ( 5 consecutive 8-hour days)

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