Music Precedent’s stable of 10 published songwriters stands ready to serve you. If you can’t find a song in our catalog to fit your needs, we can create one or two or three...for you. We’ll keep writing till you get one you love.

We place a premium on composing content-rich songs wrapped in fun musical styles kids can sing. We know the importance of writing with age-level appropriate vocabulary; keeping the melody within a kid’s comfortable singing range; and making the song have a strong, easily remembered “hook.” We believe music is a life-long discipliner, so we work hard to craft songs that will deliver clear biblical content to help kids grow in character and have a fun time doing it.

Songwriter’s Insider is a service we developed to help our clients and our songwriters. The clients love it because they have the option of getting multiple songs to choose from, written specifically for their project. The songwriters love it because they get real-world projects to write for.

If you are looking for new songs and would like to work with Songwriter’s Insider, email us.

If you are a composer and would like more information about Songwriter’s Insider, visit the Songwriter’s Insider information page.

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